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Cash & Valuables Ratings
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Security safes are governed by what is called a ‘cash rating’. The higher the safe cash rating the more security a safe will provide. As a guideline, insurance companies will normally cover cash overnight up to the cash rating amount. The actual amount of cover may vary between insurance companies. If this is important to you please check with your underwriter and clarify what insurance cover they will provide.

Many of our smaller domestic type safes and fire safes have a suggested cash rating that most insurance companies adhere to. Many safes with £4000 cash rating or higher have been subjected to tests and certified by a governing body. Any certification given to a range of safes or security cabinets will be highlighted on our product description.

Lots of customers believe the bigger or heavier a safe the higher the cash rating is likely to be… this is not true. The cash rating reflects all the safes in any particular range i.e. all the sizes in Chubbsafes Grade 1 range will all have £10,000 cash rating.  

If a range of safes offer additional locking options i.e. changing a standard keylock to an electronic keypad, this will have no bearing on the cash rating.

Diamond Rings Valuables Rating Valuables Rating

As a general rule; the valuables rating or jewellery rating of a safe is normally multiplied by a factor of x 10 for the likes of jewellery and other valuable items. For example; a safe providing £10,000 cash rating should provide cover for material items in domestic circumstances up to £100,000. Again, please check with your underwriter and clarify what insurance cover they provide.

Should you or your insurance company want to clarify the rating of any safe or security cabinet on our website, please call we’ll be happy to assist.