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Fire Safes

Fire Safes are available with various levels of fire protection depending what you want to store in them. Below are a few points to consider when choosing the correct unit for your requirement.

Fireproof ‘security safes’ will normally be constructed from two layers of steel to form the walls and door, the in-fill between the steel usually contains hardened concrete and compounds containing fire retardant materials. The fire rating of this type of safe is usually between 30-60 minutes and is considered adequate for most domestic or office environments looking to protect paper content.

A fire resistant ‘document’ or data’ safe offering up to 2 hours fire protection may look similar to a security safe, however the in-fill between the steel will likely be constructed using fire resistant powders or sand designed to provide optimum protection in the event of serious fire. Paper will also combust or become damaged at a much higher temperature than data-media (back-up tapes), therefore the walls of a data safe are likely to be thicker than a document safe. These types of safes and cabinets will not resist physical attack like a security safe so consider any compromise between physical security and fire resistance depending if you are or not looking to store delicate data-media. Our range of document and data fire safes are stringently tested and certified to either NT, UL or EN standards.

We have a wealth of experience; if you are unsure which fire safe is most suitable is most for you; please contact us.

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