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Floor Safes

Floor Safes


Floor safes and underfloor safes are designed for installation underground encased in concrete. Although this type of safe is compact compared to many traditional security safes an under floor safe will provide discreet protection for cash and valuables hidden out of sight. Underfloor safes are available in various levels of security which are indicated by the suggested insurance cash rating, the higher the cash rating the higher level of security will normally be provided. Hidden floor safes are also a convenient option when space may be limited and because they are designed to fit flush with the floor level they can be easily disguised covered by a carpet, rug, floor tile or piece of furniture. All of our underfloor safes are available with various locking options including key-locking as standard or mechanical dial combination and electronic PIN code options as an upgrade. We normally try to steer customers away from electronic lock upgrades on floor safes due to the environment where they are installed as water spillages may cause damage beyond repair to this type of lock. Most of our underfloor safe ranges are also available with an underfloor deposit safe model which is beneficial to business owners who need to allow their staff to deposit takings without gaining access to the main safe compartment, this is achieved dropping plastic deposit canisters into a deposit chute. If you are unsure which floor safe may be suitable for you or have any further questions regarding underfloor safes; please call us, we’ll be happy to assist and provide guidance.


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