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Safes are available in many sizes and different levels of security. When choosing a security safe it is important to consider what you are likely to be securing and choose a safe that will provide adequate cover for the maximum amount of cash or valuables that may be stored in it at any one time. All our safes have a cash rating and suggested valuables rating; the higher the cash rating usually indicates the higher level of security the safe will provide under physical attack. Many of our security safes have the option of key-locking or electronic locking keypads, some of our higher graded safes may have key-locking as standard but the option to upgrade to numerous types of lock which you will find on the actual product page when making your purchase. The type of lock fitted will not affect the cash rating, different locking options i.e. electronic keypads are simply personal preference or for convenience of not having to carry or hide safe keys. The weight of a security safe is not always an indication of it’s strength either as manufacturer’s have developed stronger lightweight barrier materials during recent years to overcome issues relating to heavy floor-loading. All our security safes are designed to be bolted down from the inside to ‘ideally’ a concrete floor, some of our smaller safes also offer rear wall fixing points to fix to a solid wall. If you have any questions or are unsure which security safe is most suitable for you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

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